PhD Graduation photos

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My Graduation

On July the 1st 2006, I graduated from Glasgow University with my PhD. It was a lovely day, my family came to see me and all was good. Some of the day's photos are here.

The ceremony seen from the back
The lovely surroundings of Glasgow University's Bute Hall, with the ceremony just seen beyond the crowd.

I speak to my supervisor afterwards
I speak to my second supervisor, Professor David Saxon OBE (you can just see the medal), who also helped conduct the ceremony in his role as Dean of the Faculty. Beside him is his wife, and my husband and father-in-law look on.

Me with my husband
My husband and I in the Cloisters afterwards.

Me with my parents
Me and my parents in the Cloisters.

Me with the in-laws
Similarly, with my husband's parents.

Me and my Mum
My mum beams at the camera!

Last updated: 2nd July 2006